Automatic packaging machine for massager

We have greatly improved the automation level of the assembly line to meet the delivery timeliness requirements of customers


Our automated packaging systems streamline operations with the speed to handle the most complex demands. Make, pack, scan, label, and ship the right-sized box in just 3.5 seconds. Achieve the highest automated packaging flexibility with the most comprehensive solutions available. It greatly improves the speed of packaging our products.


Packsize incorporates industry-leading manufacturing and development to address complex packaging requirements. Whether your business produces large or small products in batches, or single- or multi-item orders, It can adapt to various outer box sizes, which is beautiful and reliable.

Operational Cost Savings

Packaging automation is proven to speed up box production, cut down on corrugated and shipping expenses, optimize warehouse space, and reduce reliance on labor.It greatly saves our production and labor costs.


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