Air Pressure Foot Spa Massage Massager Machine

This foot massager can promote blood circulation in your feet and relieve muscle tension. You can enjoy a foot spa at home with this product.

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Foot Massager


The all-inclusive airbag acupressure massager is an advanced massage device that combines airbag and acupressure technology to provide comprehensive body massage. It offers various massage programs and intensities to relieve muscle tension and pressure, and promote blood circulation. Additionally, it features a user-friendly design with soft and comfortable materials, as well as an intelligent control panel for convenient operation.


1.Experience A Lifelike Professional Foot Massage - The Foot Massager offers four squeeze intensities to choose from: low, medium, high, or max. You can also opt to turn off the kneading feature if you prefer. Kneading helps improve blood circulation by gently tightening and releasing your feet to stimulate blood flow.

2.Customizable For Maximum Comfort - Each massage is fully customizable with four intensity settings: low, medium, high, or max. With four unique massage programs available as well, you can fine-tune each session to meet your specific needs. And don't forget about the added bonus of soothing heat therapy!

3.Soothing Heat Therapy For Extra Relaxation - The shiatsu foot massager comes equipped with soothing heat that takes your experience to another level of relaxation. Simply sit back and select your preferred massage setting while turning up the heat for an at-home foot massage experience so relaxing that it might even put you to sleep during your favorite show at night.

4.Shiatsu Deep Kneading Features Mimic Professional Techniques - This compact unit effectively mimics professional Shiatsu techniques in an effortless and user-friendly manner. Its deep-kneading nodes are designed to replicate the fingers of a skilled masseuse. With an array of features that can be customized independently every time you use it, choose from 4 unique massage programs and adjust intensity levels ranging from low all the way up to max for some variety in your routine!

5.Convenient Controls For Effortless Use - No more searching for the remote or trying to remember where you last placed it. The controls are conveniently located on top of the device with clear labels that make customization a breeze. Enjoy an effortless experience with easy-to-use controls at your fingertips!


MaterialABS++PC+Wear-resistant cloth
LogoCustomized Logo Availabled
WarrantyTwo Year

Shiatsu Foot Massager

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