Back Pain Relief LED Red Light Therapy Massage Belt

Say goodbye to uncomfortable period cramps and hello to soothing warmth with our infrared heat belt! Designed to provide targeted heat therapy, our heat belt is a must-have for every woman seeking relief from menstrual pain. With its innovative infrared technology, this heat belt will help you stay comfortable and pain-free throughout your period.

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Red Light Therapy Belt


The Red Light Therapy Belt is made of flexible material and can be easily secured around the waist. It is integrated with red light emitters that release red light of specific wavelengths. When using the Red Light Therapy Belt, the red light penetrates the skin and directly affects deep tissues and muscles. The energy from the red light promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and alleviates muscle tension and pain.


1.TWO PROFESSIONAL GRADE LED LIGHT THERAPY: 660nm red light (visible light) it can penetrate the skin epidermis, promote cell metabolism, repair damaged skin, 850nm infrared light (invisible light) it penetrates deeper than red light, can have a thermal effect on muscles, can accelerate blood circulation, Pain relief and relaxation of muscle tension.

2.SAFE AND NATURAL, REGAIN YOUR HEALTH: Enjoy expensive light therapy in the comfort of your home, about three weeks, free your body from pain, age and injury! Great for sports injuries, neck and shoulder stiffness, back pain, muscle pain and tissue repair, this red & infrared light therapy can be used on multiple areas of the body.

3.COMFORTABLE, HANDS-FREE DESIGN: This red light therapy belt for body weighs 0.74 lbs and can be used hands-free at home. It comes with two power cords, one with adapter and one with USB interface. The power cord with USB is for power pack. (THE POWER PACK IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE). If you do not use power pack, we recommend that you use the power cord with adapter, which uses wide voltage DC 100-240 V, AC 5V2A, which is longer, safer and more applicable, also It can be put in a handbag.


MaterialSBR + TPU
LogoCustomized Logo Availabled
AcepptableTwo Year


Warm Massage Belt

We accept small oders customization, please contact us if you have any questions.

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