Vibrating Electric Acupressure Foot Massager

2 in 1 design(massage pillow + foot massager).
Shiatsu function with 8 deep kneading rotation massage nodes.
3.【Soothing heat】
Heat temperature can go up to 50 degree,warming you from a cold day.
Key buttons easy to operate the heating/Direction/massage function/3 speed
5.【Timing Protect】
Automatic switch-off after 15 minutes.
6.【Themal Protection】
Pioneering use unique thermostat to avoid overheat and restore mechanisms back to normal working condition
7.【Personal Hygiene】
Removable and washable foot straps.Keep personal hygiene.

  • 35DAYS
  • 60000/MONTH


2-in-1 DESIGN- foot massager uses shiatsu massage combined with heat therapy to provide deep massage for tired feet to relieve tension and fatigue.

Foot massager at home

KNEADING MASSAGE -The electric feet massager machine is built in 3D shiatsu rollers with 8 massage nodes will knead your feet in the direction you choose

Vibrating foot massager

BEST FEET WARMER- heated foot massager has heat on shiatsu balls and heating pads on two end sides to warm up you from toes to heel during the massage, making it the perfect foot warmer for woman or man who’s always cold feet. The heat therapeutic helps enhance blood flow and improve better sleep.

Electric foot massager

PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE-The foot and back massager device is lightweight and protable, convenient to use it when sit in a chair or on the couch,sofa at home or in office to enjoy a soothing massage. Easy to operate it by corded controller and there’s a 15-minute timer to keep you from overdoing it.

Foot massager at home

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