Wearable Double Bed Hot Graphene Heated Blanket

Heater Blanket - the perfect combination of comfort and functionality! With its built-in timer and heating feature, you can set it to your desired warmth and enjoy a cozy experience. Made with luxurious flannel material, it's soft and gentle against your skin.

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Electric Blanket With Heat


 Electric Blanket, a soft and luxurious companion that provides customizable warmth. Made from high-quality flannel fabric, it offers a cozy touch. Equipped with advanced heating technology, our Flannel Electric Blanket allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your preferences.


1.Super Soft And Comfortable Fabric: The whole body heating blanket is made of double-layer 200gsm flannel, which is softer, silky, lightweight, breathable, and skin friendly than other materials. Therefore, it has better warmth retention and is very comfortable to use.

2.Quick Heating: The heating blanket is equipped with a digital display screen, which can visually display 1-3 of the heating blanket.

3.Quick Heating Setting (86 ° F-122 ° F) and timer setting. You can freely choose the temperature and control the time according to your preferences. It's super convenient and intelligent!

4.Upgrade Preheating Function: With just one button, you can set the full-size electric blanket to a maximum temperature of 122 ℉, allowing you to feel warm and comfortable in a short period of time. In cold weather, you can use the preheating function for 15 minutes before bedtime to quickly enjoy warmth.


1.Q:Do you have experience to work with big retailers?

A: YES. We do have over 9years experience to work with ALDl, Auchan, Electro Depot, Biltema.

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A: YES. We can offer comprehensive product design service and work with customers in developing new products.


Product NameElectric Blanket With Heat
Warranty 2 Years

Washable heated blanket

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