How to use the various gun heads of the handheld massage gun correctly?

2023-05-29 20:00

In our life, there are many habits that can cause us various soreness, such as strenuous exercise, long-term use of the computer, lowering the head to play with mobile phones, carrying things, etc. The handheld massage gun hits the target part of the body through the gun head to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and recover, promote blood circulation, and has a very good effect on relieving body fatigue, but the premise is to learn to use the gun heads correctly.

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Handheld massage gun are generally equipped with 4 massage heads, and some will be equipped with 6-8 more. Don’t worry too much about the number of gun heads, The 4 massage heads configured are enough for ordinary people to massage and relax. The specific instructions are as follows:

1. Round head

It is suitable for the large muscle fascia tissue of the whole body, the texture is soft, and it can be used perfectly on the chest, back, waist and arms. For example, massage the trapezius muscle, massage back and forth along the direction of the muscle, 10-15 minutes can relax the shoulder and neck and relieve soreness.

2. U-shaped head

  It is suitable for massaging the calf and Achilles tendon, such as massaging the Achilles tendon, starting from the lower end of the Achilles tendon and moving upward to relax, hitting for 10-15 seconds, which can effectively relax the muscles at the back of the calf and relieve soreness.

3. Cylindrical head

  It is suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as meridians, palms, and soles. For example, use a cylindrical head to hit the big fish muscle in the palm, relax for 10-15 seconds, this muscle is connected to the thumb, and no longer pull the thumb after relaxation, effectively relieving the pain of the mouse hand sore.

4. Flat head

  It is suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts, and it stimulates the large muscle groups more deeply. For example, relax the legs and hit back and forth along the direction of the muscles, which can effectively relieve leg soreness caused by strenuous exercise, long-term walking or driving.

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