Heating Cordless Electric Neck Massager

The massager comes with a portable and durable carry bag, which allows you take the massager to everywhere you want! Just enjoy a pleasant massage at home, in office, gym, even on the driving trip.

FULL BODY MASSAGE & DEEP RELAXATION: The massager is designed to fit your body's contour perfectly and use in different parts of your body, shoulders, necks, legs and other tense muscle parts to sooth the aching muscles.

ADJUSTABLE INTENSITIES & BI-DIRECTIONAL MASSAGE: 3 speed strength levels can be adjusted according to your specific needs. The massage direction control offers Bi-directional movement to mimic the motion of in-person massage experience.

8 DEEP-KNEADING SHIATSU MASSAGE NODES: ADVANCED HEATING FUNCTION: With infrared heat, the massager is capable of transfering warmth to muscles and ligaments, also improving the blood circulation.

  • becozy
  • china
  • 30-35days
  • 60000/month


About the shiatsu neck shoulder massager

1. Modern people need to work for a long time sitting in front of computer, which can easily lead to pain in the shoulders, neck, and lower back.

2. After long-distance driving , it is easy to feel pain and tiredness. At this time, you can close your eyes and enjoy a 15-minute deep kneading massage. Just like the ice drink in summer and the sunshine in winter.

3. This full body massager with long shoulder strap helps our grandparents massage their bodies and relieve stress and fatigue.

The role of components

1. 10 heated massage heads provide deep kneading massage with 3 speeds (high, medium and low) and massage intensity.

2. Those who think that the massage is too painful can start from the low gear first, or wear morowel.e, or pad t

3. With good air permeability, the mesh is odorless and it also prevent the skin from the massage head , but it is not recommended to use the product directly on the skin, because the massage head has a heating function, and some people are sensitive to heat.


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